A revolutionary 3D printer that eliminates the frustration and inaccuracy of current
generation machines. Designed with elegance and innovation, our product reflects the
historic creativity of Detroit. Our machines are work horses, capable of printing a
large range of amazing thermoplastics with high repeatability, precision, and speed.

ShockPlate™ Technology

Part removal made simple. Say goodbye
to spatulas, blades, and chisels. No more
waiting for the bed to reach temperature.
Shockplate heats the entire bed evenly
in under two minutes.

Built for Precision

Deco can print up to 50 micron layer
height thanks to its rigid welded frame,
lubrication free linear rail, and precision
CNC machined motion components.

Industrial Extruder

Deco uses a high torque, high temperature
extruder and is capable of printing in the
most advanced engineering grade materials.


X Y Area 170mm Diameter (6.7 inches)
Z height 300mm (11.8 inches)
Layer Height 50 - 350 microns
Print Speed up to 150mm/s (Material and Environment Specific)
Travel Speed up to 300mm/s
Hotend Temperature up to 500 degrees Celsius (932 Fahrenheit)
Bed Temperature 0 - 110 degrees Celsius (32 - 230 Fahrenheit)
Printing Materials PLA, ABS, Nylon, TPE, TPU, Acetal, Peek, PPS, Copolyester, Metal and Fiber Filled Thermosplastics
Connectivity Ethernet, Wifi

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